Xiao Tian Nordic dome princess bed ceiling tent INS children's room mosquito net reading corner,gray Size : S - B07RMYNHSJ

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  • Material: Made of high quality Cotton,soft,breathable and healthy.Hand washing recommended.(Only sell tents)

  • S: height is about 2. meters, hem is 2.8 meters, rope is about 60cm, L: height is about 2. meters, hem is 4.2 meters, rope is about 60cm, perfect over headboard, canopy for a baby crib, kids bed or twin beds.

  • Exquisite Decoration - Featuring round dome and soft color make it a perfect accessory to transform bedroom into lovely and stylish, imaging fantastically . Add Northern European elegance to bedroom, looks great and leaves a more enjoyable sleep environment and more fun

  • Easy To Assemble - Super easy and quick to install. Mounts quickly with included hardware.

  • Unexceptionable Gift For Birthday&Christmas -Your Secret Space!

  • Size:Small

    ★Fix it on your ceiling, put a big pad cushion and several dolls under it, so that create a big beautiful princess place for your little girl to play in it,or build a secret space belonging to kids themselves only, kids now can have fun inside to the fullest, with sensation of joy and sense of safety.

    ★Drape round dome canopy over bed, add fairy lights, a dream catcher or tassels, adding charm to any bedroom.

    ★Drape it over your baby's crib, ideal for keeping all the terrible and annoying mosquitoes/insects away, let kids sleep soundly.

    ★Attach a mobile and hang over your baby's crib, hang strips of fabric and create a special spot in your garden or patio.

    ★Ideal Christmas gift: give your princess an enchanting bed canopy for Christmas and make her feel extra special.

    What if the toy is dirty?

    [hand wash]

      Prepare the basin for water, pour in the cleaning agent and stir until dissolved. Put the fluffy toy into the hand and let the cleaning agent into the mixture. Then pour off the sewage and rinse the bear with clean water. Wrap the fluffy toy with clean dry cloth. It takes a few minutes to absorb a portion of the water, dry it, or let it be daylight.


      Before putting it directly into the washing machine for cleaning, you need to put the fluffy toy into the laundry bag first. According to the general cleaning procedure, the use of cold washing is better than the washing powder, and it does not hurt the wool. If you use the general double The one-effect shampoo is also good. After washing, wrap it with a dry towel and then dehydrate it to avoid hurting the surface.


      Use a soft sponge or a clean, dry cloth, wipe the surface with a diluted neutral detergent, and then wipe it with water.

    [Dry Cleaning]

      You can directly send dry cleaning to dry cleaning, or go to the cashmere doll store, buy a special cleaning agent to clean the fluffy

    Xiao Tian Nordic dome princess bed ceiling tent INS children's room mosquito net reading corner,gray Size : S - B07RMYNHSJ