NightyNite 66 x 28 x 4cm Moses Basket Mattress with COOLMAX & Maxi-Space – and Seperate Waterproof liner - B00MBPWDSE

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  • NightyNite Ambassador anti-allergenic foam Moses Basket mattress size 66 x 28 with luxury quilted Coolmax and Maxispace cover

  • CoolMax and Maxispace Space fabric affords extra breathability and temperature control

  • The Inner foam pad is made from combustion modified High resilient foam ( CMHR) 28 kilo Foam with no added Antimony or Phosphorous

  • Anti-allergenic - CMHR 28 foam will give good support to head back and legs

  • NightyNite is the trusted brand name of The Cot Mattress Company Ltd

  • The NightyNite Ambassador Moses Basket Mattress

    The NightyNite Ambassador is a superb foam mattress offering excellent, firm support to your baby during its early months, an ideal upgrade for the standard poor quality mattress included with most Moses baskets generally with non- breathable plastic covers.

    The foam used is CMHR28 which contains no added antimony or phosphorous, is recommended by FSIDS and can be removed from the cover to be soaked in a solution of milton or mild dettol to keep it clean, fresh and free of bacteria.

    The NightyNite COOLMAX & Maxi-Space Classic Cover

    The NightyNite COOLMAX & Maxi-Space Classic cover has a top surface which is made up of a combination of COOLMAX and Maxi-Space. COOLMAX is a well known fabric used widely in the mattress industry, it has a great reputation and has been designed specifically to regulate body temperature and wick away heat, meaning your child wont get too hot in summer or too cold in winter. The Maxi-Space underneath the COOLMAX is a 3D fabric which provides constant air circulation and unlimited breathability, along with shock absorption and heat/water reduction. The two fabrics combined together is the ideal sleep surface for any baby. Washable at 60°C (The temperature needed to kill dust mites). The rest of the cover is made up from SafeTex, a water resistant breathable fabric that helps keep the cost of the cover down and provide an alternative sleeping surface.

    All of our mattresses conform to British standards BS1877, BS7177 and the recommendations of FSIDS.

    NightyNite 66 x 28 x 4cm Moses Basket Mattress with COOLMAX & Maxi-Space – and Seperate Waterproof liner - B00MBPWDSE