NightyNite Cot Mattress with Coolmax and Maxi-Space 140 x 70 x 10 cm - B00MBPX03Q

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  • Individually Pocket sprung unit encapsulated in CMHR28 foam the foam is wrapped in stockinette then waterproof slider fitted.

  • The Cover is soft Coolmax backed with Maxispace, affords maximum breathability and temperature control machine washable at 60°c.

  • Coolmax and Maxispace helps regulate body temperature by wicking away heat and also assists with moisture control. Highly breathable

  • All of our mattresses conform to British Standards BS1877, BS7177 and the recommendations of FSIDS. (Lullaby Trust)

  • NightyNite is the Brand name of The Cot Mattress Company Ltd The first and still the leading online baby mattress company

  • 28K CMHR foam pad supported by the individual pocket sprung unit, Pocket springs will offer excellent support to head back and legs. As your child gets heavier pocket springs will afford a more comfortable nights sleep. Pocket springs are more durable than basic springs and will increase the life of your mattress. We then wrap the whole unit in stockinet and fit a waterproof slider over it. The slider can be easily adjusted over the stockinet and positioned in the area most affective to give added waterproof protection to the mattress core. The luxury Coolmax© and Maxispace cover is fitted over the slider.

    The NightyNite® cover is made from Coolmax© and Maxispace. The COOLMAX and Maxispace cover can be machine washed at 60°c the temperature require to kill dust mites. It does dry quickly and a very light tumble is all that is required. Coolmax© and Maxispace will help regulate the body temperature by wicking away heat and also help with moisture control. Coolmax© is a complex fabric as each droplet is absorbed by the fibres it is pulled to the to the outside the Maxispace which is a open cellular fabric will help disperse the water and add all the breathability. Another amazing feature of the Coolmax© and Maxispace fabric is that holds lots of air and will aid breathability, especially if your baby turns face down on the fabric. If you were to put the Coolmax© and Maxispace fabric to your mouth and breath through it, you can breath as though there is no fabric there! We have been retailing baby mattresses on the internet now since 1999 and without doubt our new Coolmax© and Maxispace is the safest fabric we have ever covered a baby mattress in. Coolmax© and Maxispace is a soft snugly luxurious fabric to lie on.

    We have over 30 years of experience in the production, distribution and retailing of cot mattresses and been somewhat pioneers in the baby mattress industry over the years. First to:- Offer baby mattresses on the Internet in 1998, make them with pocket springs, develop a totally natural pocket sprung mattress with coir springs, use higher grades of foam CMHR33 and CMHR50 for extra durability. Check out our NightyNite® Easychange™ cot mattress range these come with 2 interchangeable easy zip off machine washable toppers (one for the wash) with extra waterproof protection to the whole core.

    Box Contains

    1 Pocket Sprung Reassurance Cot Mattress with Coolmax

    NightyNite Cot Mattress with Coolmax and Maxi-Space 140 x 70 x 10 cm - B00MBPX03Q