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Airport Projects

 Airport City South Utilities Upgrade

Client: BCEGI Construction (UK) Ltd
Value: £1.5m

BCEG are the development partners of Manchester Airport Group Developments and Argent in the £800m development of Manchester Airport.

The works were carried out over a 20 week programme commencing in November 2015.

The project involved the installation of a 400mm medium pressure gas main some 2.5 kilometres long which connects the existing supply at Airport Terminal 2 with the Airport City South development.  Along with the gas main a bank of 8no ducts were laid for the future electrical expansion to be carried out by others.

The gas main works involved live connections at both ends and were carried out as a collaborative arrangement between GPL Civil Engineering and the company’s own utilities division thereby drawing on the expertise that the GPL Group carries in house.

The works involved the laying of the main and ducts across operational areas of Terminal 2 Arrivals therefore requiring a planned and co-ordinated approach to avoid disruption to passengers.  The works then proceeded through various Airport car parks where GPL worked closely with the Airport’s operational car park team to co-ordinate the taking and handing back of car parking spaces thereby minimising disruption and loss of revenue.

The route also required the service trench to cross a number of busy roads which serve the Airport and associated business premises. To avoid disruption trenchless technology was implemented in the form of Directional Drilling thereby eliminating the need for disruptive road closures and demonstrating GPL’s commitment to lean construction.

Where it was unavoidable to work within the highway, a traffic management scheme was developed in conjunction with the Manchester Airport Group in order to provide an efficient working method whilst causing minimal disruption to local businesses.


Manchester Airport – Airport City South

Client: Manchester Airport Group
Value: £3m
Date: December 2013 to November 2014

GPL were engaged by Costain to undertake the substantial groundworks package on the new Airport City South development for Manchester Airport Group (MAG). the works involved:

The works commenced in December 2013 in challenging ground conditions. Innovative pipelaying techniques were utilised for the installation of the large 1800mm diameter PCC surface water drainage pipes to keep the programme on track. Phase 1 was completed on March to allow traffic to be diverted off the existing Sunbank Lane and allow construction of Phase 2 to commence.

Phase 2 involved the removal of the existing lane and a permanent link between the Phase 1 works and a new junction on the A538 Wilmslow Road. This phase of works also allowed road access to a new DHL Distribution centre – the first plot development on Airport City South.

Difficulties with existing ground conditions and the accommodation of a local badger set impacted on the location and design of the Attenuation Pond, all of which added to the complexities of the scheme.

Manchester Airport – Runway 1 Refurbishment

Client: Costain
Engineer: Scott Wilson Ltd
Value: £4.5m
Contract Period: 6 Months
Contract Type: NEC Option A

Provision of a new ‘pit and duct’ system around Runway 1. This will provide the infrastructure for the new lighting cables, and involves the installation of 330 No pre-cast pits and 7 km of duct-lines around the periphery of R1

The project involved the setting up of a pre-cast workshop for producing the top units with lift assisted cast iron covers and frames. The stream lining of deliveries was vital as storage space was very limited. The contract required both day shift and night shifts. Specialist lifting equipment was required to install the 8.5 Tonne pre-cast chambers. As well as installing banks of 6 and 8 way ducting, the network also required a drainage system, which had to be connected to the existing drainage.

Full length runway closures where effective between 22.30 and 06.00 Sunday through to Thursday night (the airport will be using runway 2 only during our project works). GPL had to have ceased work and be cleared up by 05:00 to allow the airport to carry out inspections and safety checks prior to re-opening the runway each morning. GPL are proud that at no time during the contract was a late hand over recorded because of their works.

Approach light mast foundations and an associated duct and chamber system also had to be installed during the contract period. Foundations outside the airport boundaries where installed during the day shift and those within the critical areas where done at night.

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