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Utility Projects

BBUSL Gas Main Replacement Works

Client: Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions
Contract value: £15m+

GPL Group were contracted by BBUSL (Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions) to carry out gas main replacement works in the North West and the Midlands.

GPL installed over 165km of pipe, more than any other contractor in the UK, against an original target of 138km. Demonstrating our flexibility and responsiveness, we were able to increase resource by 50% during the course of the project in order to help our client to meet their increased annual target. In fact, in the West Midlands, we mobilised and delivered two years’ targets for the area in just one calendar year.

The contract saw us carrying out over 25,000 individual reinstatements over the year, with over 92% of private reinstatements completed within two days of completion of the gas service (aided by the introduction of the GPL Gas Reinstatement App).

We employed and trained 10 local apprentices to help fulfil the contract, who have now gone on to undertake roles within GPL or working directly for our client. The social value of the apprenticeship scheme has been calculated at over £588,000 by The Broughton Trust.

Airport City South Utilities Upgrade

Client: BCEGI Construction (UK) Ltd
Value: £1.5m

BCEG are the development partners of Manchester Airport Group Developments and Argent in the £800m development of Manchester Airport.

The works were carried out over a 20 week programme commencing in November 2015.

The project involved the installation of a 400mm medium pressure gas main some 2.5 kilometres long which connects the existing supply at Airport Terminal 2 with the Airport City South development.  Along with the gas main a bank of 8no ducts were laid for the future electrical expansion to be carried out by others.

The gas main works involved live connections at both ends and were carried out as a collaborative arrangement between GPL Civil Engineering and the company’s own utilities division thereby drawing on the expertise that the GPL Group carries in house.

The works involved the laying of the main and ducts across operational areas of Terminal 2 Arrivals therefore requiring a planned and co-ordinated approach to avoid disruption to passengers.  The works then proceeded through various Airport car parks where GPL worked closely with the Airport’s operational car park team to co-ordinate the taking and handing back of car parking spaces thereby minimising disruption and loss of revenue.

The route also required the service trench to cross a number of busy roads which serve the Airport and associated business premises. To avoid disruption trenchless technology was implemented in the form of Directional Drilling thereby eliminating the need for disruptive road closures and demonstrating GPL’s commitment to lean construction.

Where it was unavoidable to work within the highway, a traffic management scheme was developed in conjunction with the Manchester Airport Group in order to provide an efficient working method whilst causing minimal disruption to local businesses.

North West Gas Alliance Framework

Client: Balfour Beatty / National Grid
Value: £5m per year

GPL, on the success of carrying out work on the gas network in the North West for the past 2 years, have now started work on a new 7 year Framework Agreement as a Tier 1 contractor on the mains servicing and replacement programme.

Gas Picture (800 x 600)

With a continued programme of expansion and investment within this market, GPL have shown that they are capable of delivering the outputs required in a safe and controlled manner. Investing heavily in new equipment to back up the technically challenging process of replacing old mains with new MDPE (plastic) pipe, outputs of over 2000 m can realistically be achieved in just one week. With the Alliance’s strict auditing procedures, GPL have achieved the benchmarks set and are fully complying to the standards set. With this 7 year framework, GPL will endeavor to carry out all it has achieved to date in the same manner. In a sector that is heavily audited for compliance in technical, health and safety, GPL have scored highly in their KPI’s.

Northern Gas Network – Framework

Northern Gas Network (NGN) is the company responsible for distributing gas to homes and businesses across the North of England. As part of the restructuring of the gas distribution business in the UK, NGN successfully acquired the North of England Gas Distribution Network (DN) and took control on 1st June 2005. The pipeline delivery system, which amounts to around 36,000 kilometers of pipeline, provides gas to 2.5 million consumers across the North of England, covering West, East & North Yorkshire, the North East and Cumbria. NGN has an annual turnover of circa £350 million and is backed by a consortium of international investors and has its main offices in Leeds and Sunderland.

GPL have been contracted as a Tier 1 contractor to carry out the refurbishment of the gas network pipelines in the North East region by means of insertion and reinforcement of the mains. In 2012 GPL successfully secured work for a 5 year period on the new framework agreement with Northern Gas Networks (NGN) who up until last year had large national companies undertaking the works. NGN looked at reducing the overall cost they were spending and remodeled their procurement strategy which enabled Small, Medium Enterprises (SME’s) to tender and carry out the works instead. GPL were successful in their bid to become a Direct Service Provider (DSP) for NGN, thus making us solely reportable directly to NGN. Although new to the area we aim to grow in this framework over the 5 year period.

Manchester Airport – Runway 1 Refurbishment

Client: Costain
Engineer: Scott Wilson Ltd
Value: £4.5m
Contract Period: 6 Months
Contract Type: NEC Option A

Provision of a new ‘pit and duct’ system around Runway 1. This will provide the infrastructure for the new lighting cables, and involves the installation of 330 No pre-cast pits and 7 km of duct-lines around the periphery of R1

The project involved the setting up of a pre-cast workshop for producing the top units with lift assisted cast iron covers and frames. The stream lining of deliveries was vital as storage space was very limited. The contract required both day shift and night shifts. Specialist lifting equipment was required to install the 8.5 Tonne pre-cast chambers. As well as installing banks of 6 and 8 way ducting, the network also required a drainage system, which had to be connected to the existing drainage.

Full length runway closures where effective between 22.30 and 06.00 Sunday through to Thursday night (the airport will be using runway 2 only during our project works). GPL had to have ceased work and be cleared up by 05:00 to allow the airport to carry out inspections and safety checks prior to re-opening the runway each morning. GPL are proud that at no time during the contract was a late hand over recorded because of their works.

Approach light mast foundations and an associated duct and chamber system also had to be installed during the contract period. Foundations outside the airport boundaries where installed during the day shift and those within the critical areas where done at night.

United Utilities Framework

GPL have secured their share of a 10 year framework with United Utilities.

United Utilities have a requirement to create a ‘joined up’ process for Asset Performance in relation to maintenance, repair, refurbishment and replacement services for mechanical, electrical, civil engineering, building works, instrumentation, onsite services, off site fabrication and reinstatement type works, that is effective, responsive and fit for purpose.

Utilizing innovation and delivered through a range of local, regional and national contractors with agreed service level agreements (SLA’s), visible performance reporting and effective post contract management controls.

GPL went through a vigorous tendering process for the following category;

Category A Framework Agreements – Reactive and agile type works instructions with an approximate value between £100 to £50,000 per transaction.

United Utilities were seeking to award Framework agreements to a number of applicants who can provide maintenance, repair, refurbishment & replacement services for all or some of the following Works Streams:

The following are just some of the requirements that this framework is expected to deliver;

The Framework Agreement commenced in April 2013. It is anticipated that the Framework Agreement shall be awarded for a three year period with further additional options to extend, subject to commercial and technical performance reviews, in one and two year increments up to a maximum of 10 years. GPL have already undertaken a number of category A contracts with success.


Calderdale Fuel Poverty Scheme

Client: Northern Gas Networks
Value: £110k
Contract Type: NEC 3 Option A

GPL have completed its part in the Calderdale Fuel Poverty Scheme, where it has installed new mains to bring gas to homes not previously connected to the gas network.

The work, which began in August 2012, connects homes at Stansfield Close, Crossley Gardens, Rothery Court and Cherry Court, with the £110,000 cost being fully funded by Northern Gas Networks as part of its on-going programme to tackle fuel poverty across the North East, most of Yorkshire and northern Cumbria.

The successful completion of the gas network extension, which took around six weeks, allowed the 140 properties to be fitted with a full gas central heating systems, giving them access to more controllable and efficient heating and instant hot water for the first time.

Work to replace the existing electric storage heaters was carried out by Pennine Housing as part of its wider programme of improvements, with residents also benefitting from potentially lower fuel bills and reduced carbon emissions as a result.

The Halifax extension is the latest in a series of similar fuel poor projects to be carried out by Northern Gas Networks and Leeds-based Community Energy Solutions, with the partnership having already connected more than 2000 homes across the North East and Yorkshire through the fuel poor gas network extension scheme.

GCA – Drainage Works at Stalybridge

GPL undertook a project for the GCA JV at Tuanton Brook UID near Stalybridge. The project included the installation of a 2m diameter concrete storage sewer and associated Manhole chambers, as part of United Utilities AMP5 framework agreement.

With an initial programme of 14 weeks, GPL completed the works in 10 weeks which returned the client an 18% saving on the target cost.

The principle benefit of target cost arrangements is their ability to align the objectives of the parties, which helps to create a partnering environment. The contractor and employer are both encouraged to work together to control costs by the sharing of the risk of over / under spend through the pain share / gain share mechanism.

Target cost contracts were originally developed in the infrastructure sector to deal with complex projects that had a high degree of risk around items such as ground conditions. GPL showed that their understanding and nature of such contracts, helped the client make the savings through collaboration.

Wigan WwTW – Earthworks, Drainage and RC Structures

Client: GCA JV
Value: £2.2 Million
GPL carried out numerous tasks on this large scale upgrade of the works whilst still working around live processes at all times. The work was undertaken for GCA on behalf of United Utilities and they included; Earthworks for a new processing aeration plant, Cofferdam works installation for pumping station and chambers, MDPE Butt Fused pipelines in and around the plant, RC structures to house equipment and process units and finally refurbishment to 5 existing Aeration tanks the size of football fields. The works took 2 years to complete and GPL played a big part in helping to achieve the end result.

Winwick Water Treatment Works Upgrade, Warrington

Client: GCA JV
Value: £450,000
This was one of the very first projects that GPL carried out for GCA (Gallifordtry, Costain, Atkins), it involved the implementation of new clean water processes to treat the water from the local reservoir. GPL carried out the civils work to the project which involved the installation of a new pipeline from the reservoir to the treatment plant, RC bases and plinths including bund walls for the chemical process areas and anew road layout including new kerbs and footpaths around the plant. GCA implement a Zero Harm ethos on all its sites, GPL embraced this to ensure that it was carried out to our workforce regarding everyone’s safety on site.

Crewe Train Station Water Mains Renewal

Client: GallifordTry Rail
Value: £400,000
GPL successfully tendered for this project through the “A” Site portal online. The works involved the renewal of the existing water mains that feed the whole of the Train station and its depots in the surrounding area. The existing mains were over 100 years old? And the amount of water that was being wasted due to leaks was unsustainable, GPL had to carry out operations which involved crossing tracks, excavating and dealing with contaminated ground, Slip-lining existing mains and making connections to multiple buildings that belonged to the train station. Testing and reconnection to the main provider network was undertaken successfully with no disruption to the local businesses.

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